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    To an outsider, your life might look pretty good, but deep down inside you feel dissatisfied, disconnected, and unlovable. You give your all to others, and yet your own tank feels empty. sometimes you try to fill this hole with distractions; like unhealthy relationships, food, or alcohol. you stay really busy (too busy!) to avoid feeling anything unpleasant and to distract from the self-doubting voices in your head. It’s so difficult to get what you need when you feel like you don’t even deserve it.

    “What we speak becomes the house we live in.” – Hafiz

    I help women learn how to love themselves and build a life worth living. I empower my clients by teaching them set boundaries, regulate strong emotions, and make impactful changes in their daily lives. I assist anxious individuals in making peace with themselves and reduce the stress that comes from and fuel their self-criticizing thought patterns.

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